Friday, April 5, 2013

WOD What?!?

So this week I rejoined my CrossFit gym. I missed how strong I felt when I was regularly attending. I pretty much used to be a complete badass. Oh how a few months of getting soft can change you...

At first I thought I was doing great. I went back on Monday April 1 and was challenged to find my 3 rep maximum in back squat, shoulder press, and dead lift. I set a new PR for myself in all three events (no fooling!) with a 105 lb back squat (previously 95 lb), 55 lb shoulder press (previously 45 lb) and 165 lb dead lift (previously 145). Not too shabby for my first day back. I knew I would probably be sore but I don't mind a little post workout burn. It makes me feel like I really accomplished something.

Oh boy, did I burn. I hurt so bad the next day I was walking a little bit as if somebody had stuck something up my "where the sun don't shine" place. I elicited some teasing from coworkers who I assured I would have revenge on as soon as I could walk again.

Wednesday was my visit to the chiropractor for the results of my consult a couple of weeks ago. I have been experiencing a whole gambit of body issues lately that I won't go into great detail about but among them includes headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. All things that "Dr. Dan" fully believes we can remedy through natural treatments as I prefer not to take any medications. It came as a complete surprise to me that this "results" session also included my very first adjustment. Man did it feel good! It definitely helped relieve some of the soreness I had been experiencing and left me feeling optimistic about the treatment plan and my CrossFit workout that afternoon.

However, I was wrong to feel overly optimistic about the CrossFit workout. I almost got my first DNF (did not finish) which would have been devastating to my fragile albeit somewhat enlarged ego. I finished the 15 minute time capped workout in 14:52. This workout consisted of 5 rounds of 10 hand release push ups, 15 kettlebell swings (using a 30 lb kettlebell - big mistake!) and a 200 m run. I made it through the first two rounds just fine but the last three felt like pure torture. I couldn't catch my breath and my legs felt like they weighed at least 1000 lbs each on the run. 

Pure. Torture.

Really I should be pleased that I finished at all and I am glad that I started up at CrossFit Peoria again. Although Thursday went by in a blur of limping and wincing prompting me to add another rest day into my week. I need to ease back into the intense workouts. But the important thing is, I'm back! And today I am feeling optimistic again. I woke up a lot less sore, a lot more mobile and very determined to get my body back to being healthy and pain free. And one of my problems might be solved - it is quite possible that I have a food allergy to an ingredient in Fiber One bars. I will be keeping a close food journal to see but at least that would check one of my health issues off the list!

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