Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yesterday I participated in a charity run for Boston held at Running Central. I heard about the event through Facebook and knew that I wanted to take part. To show my respect. Along with several hundred others I gathered in the parking lot for a 3 mile fun run, absolutely floored by the turnout. Running Central had only ordered 160 shirts, not anticipating what a caring community Peoria really can be and not expecting this many people to show up. A minute of silence was held before the run began followed by the owner of Running Central asking those who were in Boston that day to please raise their hands. The woman next to me raised her hand and started crying at the though of the horror that she was so close to last week. Everybody around her offered support and together we took off down the road - runners for Boston. We may run alone and for our own times and our own goals but running is ultimately a team sport. We can't do it without each other. And we won't let anybody take it away from us.
Me with my friend Sarah at the Runners For Boston Charity Run

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