Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweatin' Beers Here

So, I've been slacking. Not just in the blog posting which I have absolutely been slacking at, but in the running/working out department as well. This past week it has either been raining (which shouldn't be an excuse since I still could have gone to the gym) or I have felt sick. I have some blood tests coming up in the morning which the results of should hopefully help with the feeling sick part, but the not working out is all me.

No excuses, play like a champion.

With that mantra in mind I got my butt out and ran today before playing softball. On any other day this would have been an easy 3.5 mile run but I struggled a little which I attribute to the dehydration and the fact that what I was sweating out was more than likely beer from Saturday night...Although one could argue that I got my cardio in on Saturday night on the dance floor at Crusen's listening to one of my favorite bands!

No real purpose to my post here except to say that I'm done slacking on the posting and on the working out. I have some lofty goals to accomplish this year and laying around on my couch isn't going to help me accomplish them. Just thinking about them isn't going to help me achieve them. Here's hoping that my blood test helps to solve whatever it is that is going wrong inside of me so I can take that excuse away as well!

No excuses, play like a champion.

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