Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blitzed My Way To A New PR!

Sarah, Me and Jake ready to go before the race!
WHAT A RACE! Not only did I feel good (and look great...) but I set a new PR for myself. I completely was not expecting to do as well as I did but my finishing chip time was 27:14! This not only beat what I was thinking for the day (I would have been happy in the 28 minute range) but it also beats the goals that I set for myself for this summer of 27:30 5Ks...guess I'll need to do a little re-evaluating.

I contribute this personal victory to a few different things. First, as I focused on in my previous post, I listened to my body. I was able to adjust my training this week in order to compensate for some soreness and cramping and I came into this race very well rested. There were also physical therapists from Accelerated Therapy there that lead us in a dynamic warm-up (I have a new pre-race ritual) and helped stretch us out afterwards. (Funny moment from that - my brother felt that the guy stretching me out was taking a little too long and came over and stood near the table.)

Me with my brother after the race
Second, great support system. I love running races with Sarah and Jake because they have my same fun-loving spirit as it comes to the costumes and just going out to have a good time. My previous PR was from the Jingle Bell Run where I was dressed up like an elf with them. Running races with my brother is also a great motivator. This race I made it my mission to stay with him the entire time. There was a point towards the end of the race where he lengthened his stride and I thought I was going to fall behind but I stayed determined and then was able to surge past him at the end and beat him for the first time ever in a 5K (disclaimer: only by a couple of seconds...I'm not bragging, just excited! His running ability, considering that he started at the same time as me, has been a source of inspiration for me because he is so naturally gifted at it. He got a sub 26 minute time and placed in 2 races last year. He also didn't really train for this race - I'm sure he will get me next time!)

Third, my training. I was sticking pretty close to the training plan that I set for myself and even though I didn't want to do it some days, it has obviously paid off. I feel that continued training and altering my diet will fuel me to an even better PR by the end of the racing season. This race has left me so excited with the prospect of training and getting better I wish I could start right now!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody and for strength training day tomorrow...well, I just hope those 12 oz. weights don't get too heavy for me!

Can't Catch Me Lucky Charms!

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